Our approach is to take you to the smallest size possible where your needs and budget are met. We will lead you through a highly individualized process that helps you discover what you really want to create.

What do you absolutely have to have? What do you want to change? Accentuate? Revamp? How do you see your home contributing to this? Is it self-sufficient? Food-growing? On or off the grid?

With TANSUCASA, you will discover the freedom and lightness of living smaller. You may notice you have more time, or perhaps even more energy. There’s less to clean, less to maintain and upkeep. You will be surprised at how well you can live in a space that is much smaller than you may have ever considered — yet has all the beauty, health and comfort you'll ever want.


Daryl is an ideal consultant to confidently wade through the myriad of design options bringing the healthiest eco choices from concept to reality. She has a massive commitment to both quality and precision, wrapping this up in a fun process helps to get most out of every site and space!
— Alex G. Building Biology architect, Wellington, NZ