La Barbaria

In collaboration with Paula Baker-Laporte and Robert Laporte, the mission was for the healthiest most sustainable building materials and a European country cottage feeling. This straw/clay exterior walled home with earthen floors made from soil and a small percentage of cement, earthen plaster interior walls, plenty of built-in shelving for an abundance of books, built-ins in the child's room for easy toy and clothing storage, solid wood cabinetry, not a piece of plywood anywhere. Maple countertops, slate tile backsplash and slate bathroom tiles, the furnishings organic/natural/chemical free, hemp/silk textiles, solid wood, antiques, everything free of outgassing materials, an optimally healthy environment on every level.

Daryl Stanton made us aware of healthy living choices that my husband and I could make in our home. Her expertise exposed us to great looking sustainable materials that were not only healthy and beautifully designed but were also good for the planet!
— Jen L. and Andy D., Los Angeles, CA