Since her early 20s, Daryl has had a deep curiosity about what impacts health, from personal health to family, community, and planetary well-being. With a PhD in Humanistic Studies, she created a successful holistic health practice in Beverly Hills in the late 70’s. Daryl was sure she had the components of a healthy lifestyle covered. But after a remodel left her West Hollywood home filled with toxic chemicals that are typically contained in new building and decorating materials, she became very ill. This was a defining moment in her personal and professional life as she realized a key factor to healthy living had been grossly overlooked. The impact that our living and workspaces have on our health is significant.

Today, Daryl is the owner and founder of TANSUCASA, a company specializing in designing and building small dwellings that merge health, sustainability and lifestyle. From Santa Fe, New Mexico to Nelson, New Zealand, some of Daryl’s projects include designing homes for a state-of-the-art ecovillage, conceptualizing and designing an organic home furnishings and clothing store, and designing and building her own completely off-grid, self sufficient abode of 1000 square feet. Through TANSUCASA, she now offers artfully designed smaller homes (even as small as 300 square feet!) that are both sustainable and health promoting.

So how big is your small?